Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gingerbread Caramels and Ninjas

I don't know who to thank...
Martha for the recipe
or Des for telling me about them.
I am completely addicted to these
They are pretty easy to make,
you do have to be patient and
 let them get to the correct temp.
You need a candy thermometer, definitely.
My first batch was too soft,
soft and delicious,
 it was a gingerbread caramel sauce,
 not exactly what I wanted.
Well, I wanted to drink it,
but didn't. 
This batch is still a little on the soft side,
but totally wrapable and divine.
The recipe makes a bunch.
I think I got 170 caramels out of the pan.
I've eaten 4 this morning,
just to make sure they are holding up.
Getting treats ready. 
Need to put some finishing touches on these.
Another great gingerbread project is
this fun kit from
Cost Plus World Market. 
But I'm making

Ninja sugar cookies
for Cub Scouts to decorate.
Nothing like having sugared-up Scouts.
For a brief moment, I thought I should decorate a ninja in a Boy Scout Shirt for each boy. 
that moment passed pretty quick.
What are you
working on today?


  1. I think Martha and I should always be in the same sentence. Haven't made these this year.....yet. Because they are sooo addicting. I also add a little sprinkling of sea salt to the top. Heaven.

  2. I have made these...my kids love them....I too had to keep sampling to see if they held up lol

  3. Nope! Not making them! I would be unable to resist "testing" them. Haha! I did a bit of Christmas shopping today and a wee bit of sewing.

  4. Those caramels look beautiful and so perfect...yum! Nothing more fun than a room filled with boys on a sugar high. LOL I'd love to see a ninja Boy Scout!

  5. Getting' that missionary off! Good to see you today. Last week a friend gave out some licorice caramels... those were yummy too!

  6. I'm addicted to ginger chewy-ness. I need to try these! Beautiful photos!!! And I'm cracking up about the gingerbread ninjas!!! Where do you find these things??? xxoo

  7. They look fantastic! I love to make and EAT caramels -- I think they're my favorite candy!