Monday, March 9, 2015

Hippity Hoppity - Can It Be Done?

Photo:  Susan Powers

I was asked to make a
Springtime cake
for a church party.
I asked a friend what to make...
she said,
"Oh, an elegant lemon cake
or flower basket cake."
Hmmm, Those are not in my repertoire.
"Well, I was thinking,
maybe a bunny."
You know, Spring!"
It's not in my repertoire either,
but I had my heart set on trying
Amanda's Surprise Inside,
Here we go...
you start with 6" rounds.
I made my first cake ever from scratch.
Hello?!  Scratch! 
And it turned out.
She has a great recipe.
The book classifies this cake as
It doesn't look that hard,
well, it kind of was.
I didn't take pics of the fun middle part
where I ruined 2 cakes
and was thinking,
"Oh, this is a bad idea,
what is my plan B?"
But I luckily had 5 rounds made.
Tip: Always bake extra cakes.
This is a leaf tip #74, looks like the star,
but is a little different.
Here's my bunny!
I went with white ears.
I have no idea if the inside worked.
The party had a Seasons theme.
These other ladies are amazing.
The Winter cake, makes me think of Frozen
It had pretty sparkly sugar on it.
The Fall cake had edible cockleburs and
 marbled leaves that are ever so thin,
with a glittery dust.
I seriously thought the Summer cake
had silk flowers on it.
But her gum paste flowers were 
SO vibrant and delicate.
Yeah, then there's Bunny boo.
But hey,
I've got a Surprise Inside.
Did it work?
It did! 
Hurray!  Hurray!
Pretty fun.
I may try another
 surprise sometime,
maybe Rudolph.
I have months to
prep for this one.



  1. This is so cute! What a clever idea.

  2. That turned out so cute! Good job!

  3. Way to go Corrie!! It turned out incredible, I just love the ears, and the nose. I'm going to have to acquire that book...

    I get to make a retirement cake this week for a Lineman (works for a power company) and we're doing German Chocolate with green coconut across the top and the company gave me some props to use. Props are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing!


  4. Oh wow - good for you. This bunny cake is sooooo cute!! Now where is my cup of coffee :)!

  5. Corrie, that's fantastic!!! I have to buy this book! The bunny looks so funny and I think my godchildren will love it.
    Thanks for the hint!

  6. That turned out sooooo cute!!!!

  7. You can keep up w/ the cake goddesses of the world. I love it!!!

  8. Wow! That is seriously so cool! I love how it does that when you cut it! I think yours was by the far the best cake because of the surprise!

  9. Oh my gosh! That is just the cutest cake!

  10. I have never seen that before...It is just adorable!!!

  11. Great job! I would never be able to do that. Never.

  12. I adore it! The cake plate is perfect and the bunny is too cute!

  13. So cool! And very brave of you to wait until the event to see if it worked!

  14. You're so funny.....and it's a darling cake! If it had been a contest I would have voted for your cute bunny - seriously!

  15. What a wonderful surprise!! So clever!

  16. OhMyGosh! That's ADORABLE! I thought it would be the rainbow from your original IG post. SOOOOO SOOOOO CUTE!!! I love making cakes from scratch -- now you're off and running!!!!

  17. Wait. I'm Back. How did you do those super cute ears? Chocolate melts maybe? And how did you keep them from wilting????

  18. Yes, they are chocolate melts. I drew some ears on paper, put waxed paper on top of the paper and used it as an outline. I would have liked them to be smoother but they harden quick. I made them extra long & poked into the cake. Don't put them anywhere warm.