Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mary Frances at the Ready!

Do you know
Mary Frances?
She's a favorite part of my
young motherhood.  We read every page
and made the recipes.
Mary Frances wants to learn to cook
when her mother is ill.
With the help of the 'kitchen people' -- who
talk to Mary Frances, she learns the necessary
kitchen skills.
It's adorable. 
Mary learns to make
toast, eggs, cakes, sauces,
Queen of Heart tarts and fudge.
The original book was published in 1912
and for a long time, I thought I needed one of those,
but they are quite fragile and expensive.
Luckily there was a lot of demand for the books,
and they were reprinted beautifully
and I bought some.
I just found 3 of my hoarded brand new copies...
update: I sold them all.
Mary Frances has other adventures too,
but 'Adventures Among the Kitchen People'
is our family favorite.