Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Lonestar Love

Kathy, our guest instructor
at our Retreat this year,
was making up some models for the Lonestar class
and made this one for me!
I've always loved the Kona Sunrise solids
and couldn't think
of a prettier Lonestar.
(Paired it with Kona's Ash grey for the background.)
Kathy, it's stunning! 
Thank you so much.
(And thanks for sending me photos.
I can't wait to see it in person!)
And she bound it! 
I about fell off my chair
when I realized that.
She used some of the leftover jelly roll
strips for the binding.
Just look at the quilting in the diamonds
and how pretty the swirls
 look on the flannel back.
Kathy has a long arm quilting business. 
She's a master at it.
Miss Kathy is going to teach the retreat gals to
make their own stars
It's coming right up! 



  1. What an amazing post! I love what you shared. And the horse with his/her head tucked over the quilt? Priceless! Love, love, love it!

  2. That is awesome Kathy is gifting you that quilt. It's gorgeous! I can't wait to see it in person soon!

  3. Wow, Corrie - those Lone Star quilts are amazing! So glad Kathy sent you pictures to share. Sounds like your retreat is going to be a blast! Sure wish I could come.

  4. I can't wait. I finally made my decision to go with the scrappy version and am excited to be learning this new (to me) technique! See you wonderful ladies in a few weeks.

  5. That is amazing! Well done, Kathy.

    1. Thank you, Coral - it's such a fun quilt to make!

  6. I'm a pretty new quilter and I love the Lone Star quilt! Is it always made in little tiny pieces like that? I need to make one. (Love the way it was quilted too!)