Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Living in Limbo

it's been a long summer.
To recap,
sold our house in a day,
moved out in a month.
In April, we moved into a rental house
 out in the country on a farm.
Looks like we're growing corn here. 
Corn as far as the eye can see.
Our landlord asked me, if I was a city girl.
I didn't think I was,
but maybe so. :)
We moved in, and they
had put in a new well,
but the well takes time to clear out the sand and such.
So we had brown water for 4 weeks
and on top of that we didn't have internet.
So it was back to basics.
Kind of humbling.
Water is big deal.
Drinking and washing your clothes is important.
And no internet for weeks is a little trying,
when you're running an online business
 and your husband's job is online.
Those things have worked themselves out.
Very grateful. 
And then my sweet husband decided to have
a knee replacement in July. 
And my little guy had pneumonia.
We have had some long days
here on the prairie.
But finally after 4 months,
we actually started building
our house!


  1. Aww and here all this time, I thought you lived in Idaho... :l
    Glad the house is underway and Glad I get to have a sleep over or
    two with you...soon!!!

  2. Glad to hear things are looking up! Here is to a better Fall!!!

  3. Oh wow! What a summer!! I hope all are healing well.

  4. Oh, my! You live such an exciting and adventurous life. I hope that house of yours gets built quickly! Happy and positive wishes for you that things get better.

    1. lol... Adventure in the corn, maybe I'll write a book about it. Thanks for the positive wishes. Everything is going great.

  5. hello sweet lady....and yes it reads like you had some challenges, but you know what you did not lose....HOPE, HAPPINESS, LOVE....everything else will come together...it always gets better...x

  6. Oh how exciting! The new house I mean, well that and a field of corn as far as the eye can see. The other stuff, not so much on the excitement. Share pictures of your house as it progresses!

  7. Sorry that life had other plans for you which delayed your new beginning! I hope all goes well from here on out! And that everyone stays healthy too!!!

  8. Blessings dear. Sounds like things can only get better from here on...

  9. good for you !!! I hope the building goes smooth.....keep us posted.

  10. Wow, you do sound swamped. Good luck with all that. Xxxx + hugs!

  11. Miss Corrie - living a life on the prairie...just think, this time next week we'll all be retreating in a beautiful lodge! Things can only get better for you! xxoo

  12. Will we be eating a lot of dishes with corn in them? looks like you have easy access to it!

  13. Wow Corrie -- you've had a looooong summer. Sounds a bit exciting though LOL. Really exciting is building a house! I trust you'll have a fantastic sewing suite??? ;-DDDD

  14. Sweet post! Hopefully this will start to settle down...oh wait, did you say you were building a house. Never mind.... :)

  15. Sweet post! Hopefully this will start to settle down...oh wait, did you say you were building a house. Never mind.... :)

  16. Best of luck on the building of the new home!! Good the rest is behind you now!