Monday, October 12, 2015

Starry Starry Night Retreat 2015 ~ Part 1

Welcome to
Our Starry Starry Night

We kicked off our
4th year of hosting
a craft, sewing, quilting
retreat in
in beautiful McCall, Idaho.

We're just getting everything
 ready for our retreaters to arrive.

Our color palette was gold, mint, coral and navy.
We love a good theme.

I adored these nametags,
easy, glittery and pretty.


We decorated with Lone Star quilts
 for inspiration
since we were having a Lone Star quilt class.

A few gifts for our ladies.


I have a new passion for felt.
Loved making these.

Des made everyone these handy
number pins for keeping track of rows.

She did the bunting and the centerpieces
 and so much more.

I made the caramels. :)
Once you try gingerbread caramels,
you really can't go back.

Right now, it's the calm
before the party.

This is Part 1.
Much more to come. 

Click to read more about the 2015 retreats.
See here for info on Craft Taffy.


  1. Beautiful decorations. Looks like fun.

  2. Thanks Corrie and Des for making us feel welcomed! It is such a beautiful location and you treated us to well!!!

    1. So glad you guys came. Oh, I have a great pic of makes me smile. I didn't get many of Vicki :(.

  3. Love every detail and looks like a wonderful welcome for your guests. Thank you for sharing gingerbread caramels! Yumm...

    1. Thanks! Try the caramels, so good, just know it takes a lot longer to cook than 20 minutes. And you definitely need a thermometer. :)

  4. Looks like a great time to be had. I looked around and never saw the cost of the retreat, Is it three days and two nights. I'm interested in attending next year. But I would bee flying from kentucky so I would need to know how to save now to do so. When I click on us there is no response, that why I'm asking here. I'll be anxiously waiting for more pictures. Thank you

    1. Hello, thanks for contacting us here. We have not announced anything for next year. I have your email and will send you the details from this past year. Thanks!

  5. This whole experience was amazing!! I loved every minute of it. Thank you so much ladies for putting together such a wonderful gathering of creativity and fun!

    1. ChellyOKelly, we loved having you & your mom there!

  6. Beautiful decorations!! I just had a bridal shower for my daughter and know what's involved with doing it yourself. Alot of work but so, so much fun!!:) Looks amazing!!

  7. It really was a fabulous few days! And those caramels were to die for!

  8. Here's hoping you all had a fab time. Love from a hot South Africa! Xxx

  9. Oh - the caramels....amazing! Just like all of it! And it's always fun meeting a new friend. Thanks, Corrie & Des! xxoo