Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Ready, Oh Yeah, I'm ready!

Headed out this month to sew
with my sis and friends.
And I'm ready,
let me at it.

 My bobbins are full. 
Getting together my table caddy.
Here are
my projects?
Do I need more?
I'm sure I'll just whip these out.
I'm doing a big Denyse Schmidt
mixed with linen,
(Thanks to Leona and Marlene for this awesome collection of 5" squares.)
and a 4th of July
 Pam Kitty Tribute,
and a Tall Tales
I've got my Pop-Up ready
and my Bagette.

The Rowenta is packed.
And I'm pretty sure
I'll need a coaster.
A travel pillowcase,
because I've left my pillow
one too many times in hotel rooms.
Hopefully I'll notice this on the bed.
No, Des, I don't have one for you.
But I did pack a coaster for you.
Generous, I know.
Late one night when I was making this,
I assured myself you don't
travel with your pillow. lol
And these gals are packed. 
More on them later.

I'm ready, about a week too soon,
but that's okay.
I'll go pack the car. 



  1. sweet. love all your projects. have fun. next week that is!

  2. Awww the beauty of you have time for me to take you to lunch for your b-day?

  3. Looks like you are ready. I need to do some of those pillow cases as I have left too many behind too. ;-(

  4. Oooooh, sounds ridiculously fun! I hope you have a wonderful time -- can't wait to hear about the little dolls!

  5. I think you have everything covered...your pillow is a gem....have fun and know and happy wishes for a special lady on a special day..x

  6. uh, yes, I NEED a pillowcase. I would like to start traveling with my pillow but I was afraid I would leave it in hotel rooms. this will solve everything!

  7. Hope you have a fantastic time...lots of yummy fabrics