Monday, August 22, 2016

Dolly, Come Out & Play With Me

My sis came up with 
an ambitious idea...

Let's have a doll exchange
at our summer sewathon.

This was our inspiration board.

Here are her quite specific guidelines...
cause let's just say,  
we've had exchanges go awry.

So listen up ladies.

1. This needs to be a DOLL. Not just a stuffed animal/doll. It can totally be an animal but it needs 2 legs, not four. NO monsters, nothing goofy, no crazy sock bizarr-o faces. No ninja's, clowns or grungy tea dyed. A sweet "doll" done in the cutest fabrics/felt and embroidered or safety eyes.
Ask yourself: "What would Martha make for her grandchildren?" I've read a lot of Living Magazines over the years and I'm pretty sure I have a good handle on that! :)

2. I don't want to squelch your creativity. HOWEVER, we are going for sweet. And we are going for EFFORT. Do not throw together something in the final days. "Ahem".

3. They can be simple, but simple darling-ness.

4. Preferably no removable clothes. Something attached is okay but I've seen too many naked dolls running around.

5. They can be knitted or crocheted (but I'm thinking that will take sooo much longer to make, yes?) But they must be DARLING, not 1979 grandma crocheted this.

6. They can be boy or girl. But even boys can be DARLING.

7. They need to be AT LEAST 10-12" and no more than 18".....because that's a great size for a DARLING doll.

8. If you aren't sure if your idea meets the Martha standard, just ask. I have opinions.

That might have scared a few players away.

Luckily, everyone didn't join in, 
because that would have been
a lot of dolls to make.

I made Little Red out of my
that I love.

As someone who doesn't make softies much, I thought linen might be nice for the bodies and the whole doll, since it's thicker, and I wouldn't have to be so gentle when stuffing.
Worked out great.

This pattern is from Revoluzzza.

The girls were pretty easy.
A bit of embroidery, felt and stuffing.

Put my tags on. 
(It's a girl carrying a sewing machine.)

Packed them up to meet their new friends.

Three of us participated.

Des made the kitty, and 
Leela made the mermaid.

I think they turned out DARLING.



  1. Lol!!! I want to be a part of an exchange like this. You people are my tribe. They turned out darling.

    1. Thanks Felicia! Should we ever do another, I'll let you know :).

  2. They turned out perfectly Darling! I love how specific the rules were, because I've been burned by exchanges!

  3. I'm shakin' in ma boots, wouldn't be cute enough...wouldn't be cuter than...

  4. Being German, I recognized the Revoluzza Doll right away. I have sewn tons of her beautiful fox dolls <3 Your dolls also turned out very cute and darling <3 love it!

  5. you made 4. is this extra one for Me? jk. they are adorable.

    1. I know, I do have an extra. :) She was my prototype. Actually, she's probably better than the others.

  6. So adorable! I am particularly fond of the kitty!

  7. Absolutely DARLING! I kinda wish I would have participated. Maybe, just maybe, next time!

  8. Now had I known I would have participated for sure...all 3 a treasure...

  9. Those are all adorable! Of course, I'm partial to the Little Red Riding Hood LOL!!! Well Done all of you!!!