Monday, March 6, 2017

Would You Like Fries With That?

Long ago, my sis had these
fun Happy Meal toys
and my little boy played
with them for hours.
So of course, I had to find them on eBay,
and have our own set to play with.
Then I thought they needed a home,
because a ziplock just wasn't that cute.
So I found this purple McD fabric
probably 6 years ago. :)

And finally, I made her and I
a tote for them :).
It's kind of a mix of the What's In Your Bag?
 and the Whatcha Got patterns.
I just shrunk it down.
These are McDino Changeables from 1990.
Awesome - Food Robot Dinosaur Transformers
Hey Des, they are kind of $$ on eBay,
maybe we should sell :).  
But I have a little grandson on the way,
and he'll love these.


  1. They used to have the best toys in the kid's meals. Love the cute little bag for them too.

  2. That fabric is awesome! I found some toys from my childhood Happy Meals, they are Barbie on the runway or something like that. And I'm pretty sure I have the fry-dino transformer somewhere... I love your blog header, it's very cute. Are you guys still hosting retreats?


    1. Thanks Brandy. Old Happy Meal toys are the best. We are not having a retreat this year. :(

  3. Cute bag! I'm thinking it might be great as a little toiletries bag for flying. Much cuter than a quart sized ziplock bag!

    1. What a great idea! A friend once sent me an embellished ziplock. It was pretty fun, she put a fabric topper & handle on it.

  4. So cute - what a super idea! Love the fabric and bag you made with it. Those toys used to be the highlight for our kids!

  5. I LOVE my bag. I don't think I could sell. :)
    All the little kids that come to my house love these. And now with this bag....well.....let the amazingness begin!!

  6. You shouldn't sell - they're just too cute and they come with a story. You two - you're both adorable! Congrats on the upcoming "granny" title!