Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Off to Vegas - Queen Bee Market

Talked my husband and son into a quick trip
and Market!
Win for him - there was
lots of college basketball in town to watch
and definitely a Win for Me!
I met up with Carol from Just Let Me Quilt -
we talked, painted,
waxed and glued non-stop.
(Carol, Thanks for being spontaneous
and even sweeter in person!)
We received 3 projects, I only got these two done,
 and I was going as fast as I could.
Learned hands on about chalk paint, wax, buffing, 
stain, and pocket frames,
 and ate a few petite
to-die-for sugar cookies.
We had an amazing dinner, one of the items was
 root beer short ribs or something like that = so good.
And then we had these pretty treats.
A very fun night to get away
and create.
Then the next day was the Queen Bee Market.
(We got amazing swag at the craft night and at the market.
Thank you to all of the generous swaggers.)
So we're standing outside in line
for the market looking at our swag
and I was the only one around me
 that got a coveted
I got a lot of offers to trade for it :).
Nope.  It was delightfully delicious.
Two floors of talented vendors

Fun stuff from Buttercream Forest
Regret not buying the succulent :(
and such cool soaps
I did buy some fun things and Jessica
had some puffy pillows
and funny cards - I got the llama one
"With a llama love".
And to end the day,
we all needed some



  1. What a fun trip for you! And that cookie looks amazing!

  2. It was so fun to meet up with you, though those crafts were tough for me. If they'd had fabric projects we would have really rocked! I really wish I could have made it to the shopping part...your photos are amazing.

    1. P. S. You got a unicorn cookie? So not fair! LOL

  3. you made me want to be there....what fun!!

  4. That cookie looked way to cute to eat!!!!

  5. I know, but it had to be done. Because it would have just broke on the way home. :)