Friday, April 7, 2017

House Closure

Two years ago today, we were moving out
of our yellow house.
I remember, because today's my anniversary and
I clearly remember that anniversary of
 multiple trips to the rental.
I also remember crying at how much stuff
there was in the garage.
Moving is tough.
We lived there for 10 years and even though we
were on large lots, the houses were close and
we shared a driveway with the neighbor.
The neighbor and our family ended up both moving
out of our homes the same week.

Everything was rushed.

I don't remember saying goodbye. 
I don't remember saying anything.
So I made a quilt to say goodbye. 
I like to take my time. :) 
(I stitched our house numbers and
 there's a little grey driveway between the two.)
Luckily they still live nearby.
This is Camille Roskelley's Dwell Quilt pattern
that is in her book - Simply Retro.
The pattern is fat quarterly friendly so I used Zen Chic's
aqua minky on the back.
Here's to Goodbyes
and a little surprise;
they certainly won't
be expecting it. :)



  1. I sure understand. We moved after 30 years in the same house!! Then we have moved 3 times since then. Now we move into a 24 ft. trailer!! We are really downsizing. Most all my fabric is in storage. Yes, I can certainly understand. Making a quilt for a neighbor is really nice. I have done that. I hope you are enjoying your new home.

  2. Wow, Corrie...this is a bit poignant! That quilt!!! love that quilt! You are a saint!

  3. How beautiful! What a special gift!!

  4. Beautiful quilt. They will absolutely love it and appreciate what good friends you are. hugs, LJ

  5. What a sweet and thoughtful gift!

  6. Oh that is a lovely quilt and a great story.

  7. I hate good the quilt

  8. Wow!! What a great gift! Beautiful!

  9. I love how it turned out. Lucky neighbor!!

  10. Such a thoughtful way to say goodbye!!

  11. What a wonderful friend you are! That's such a sweet little quilt -- and perfect for your gift. I love the little house numbers!

  12. What a sweet, sweet gift. You have such a kind heart. I love how personal you made your little house quilt. The numbers are a perfect touch.