Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lifestyles of the Stitched and Shameless

I will leave you these beauties whilst we're away. Away, you say? Yes, we'll be enjoying lifestyles of the Stitched and Shameless at Quilt Market. I'm gonna look at some of this,
and then some of this,

and wander over to check out these.

I'll be visiting here.

These folks always have cute stuff.

I'll be driving one or two of these.

Hope to make a new friend.

And if I'm really lucky, I'll run into her again.

Miss us! ~Des


  1. You big tease or show off or name dropper!! Way to make us be JEALOUS! I hope you take lots of pictures and that you POST said pictures when you return. Someday I hope to sneak into a Quilt Market, somehow.
    cjnid at niwb dot net

  2. ohhhh. yeah, take lots of pictures and post! I would love to see. Be safe and have a great time.

  3. ok I could hide out in your suitcase just don't tell the husband he will be doing the cooking,cleaning and running the kids everywhere for four days.I can't wait to see what you come back with, have a great time!! I'll miss you while you are gone. You better be posting like mad when you return. love ya

  4. I'm so jealous! I would be in fabric/design heaven! Have fun and do please share pics here when you get back!

  5. I told Jennifer Paganelli that you might stop by and give her an in-person hello from the other Jennifer P.. She said she'd LOVE to meet you! Have a GREAT time :)!

  6. Hope you see http://www.heatherrossdesigns.com/ too.