Thursday, May 8, 2008


Thank you, Thank you for all the great feedback. Now, if we'll just listen! HA! You folks loving the Ginger Blossom, hope you know that we ALREADY have it. We are seriously looking at the flannel. We want to be warm too!

Looks like Allison got in right under the buzzer! She was #19! Congrats! Hope you come back and check to see if you won! You did! You're the Winner! You're the Winner! You're the Winner! Did you ever do that cheer in school - We Love our Team??? Well, you get the drift. Posh Fat Quarters are coming your way as soon as we hear from you. See our contact info in the upper right hand corner.

Thanks everyone! We'll have to see how next week shakes out for a giveaway because we'll be in Portland. If we're not exhausted at night from shopping and hobnobbing with all the fabulous designers, (Ha!) maybe we'll have time to blog! We'll try to pick up lots of freebies and pass them on to some lucky commenters. That is, if I'm not too selfish. I got a new rotary cutter last time and I don't know that I would be THAT generous! ~Des


  1. I forgot to mention that if you ladies could get your hands on some of Sandi Henderson's new patterns that she'll be debuting at Market and will have available for sale-please please pick some up! I am dying to see what they look like!
    Congrats to Allison!

  2. Congrats Allison and you girls have a safe trip!

  3. Congratulations Allison!

    Have fun at Market, not that you wouldn't!

  4. Congratulations Allison! Pretty fabric, that Posh - enjoy it :D

    Oh yes, I would love some pretty flannels and Sandi's NEW fabrics.
    HAVE FUN at Market, I KNOW that you will.
    cjnid at niwb dot com