Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fat Quarter Giveaway!

Choices, Choices.....Today's winner will be able to pick from the 4 lines above for 4 fat quarters. (Some of the pictures show charm squares, but you'll be receiving FAT Quarters) You've heard of Sophie's Choice, well this one will be Corrie's Choice. You choose the line, Wee Play, Fresh Squeezed, Freshcut or Posh and Corrie will choose the fat quarters. So it will be like a little surprise for you when you get it. We love a good surprise.

Leave me a comment telling me what's on your to-do list today. That should be easy enough, right? I'm not making this too hard, right? Anonymous commenters are fine, but I do need a name and an email. I guess that you wouldn't be anonymous anymore, right? Lots of Rightness going on here. Random Drawing will be later tonight.(Mountain Standard Time :)

Check back tomorrow for a 20% off sale on some new goodies just in!!


  1. Hi Des + Corrie
    This is the first time I came to your blog. You want to know, what my things for today are: Here (in Switzerland) we already had noon. So what did I in the morning? Some sewing ant cutting for a new scrap quilt. Then I cooked a meal for me and my smallest son. Rest of family is out (DH and greater son). Now I must do some ironing and housekeeping.
    That's what I am doing today!
    Greetings from Switzerland

  2. Good Morning:

    Well let's see....

    Feed the dogs,empty the dishwasher, start a load of laundry, hopefully have time to hang out that laundry, check email and read some blogs while eating breakfast, go to the job that pays me, pay bills on lunch, back to work, go buy birthday presents and decorations, come home,cook supper, bring in laundry, feed dogs, go to library, go to nursing home..... and I'm sure I'll squeeze in a few more things. Did you notice that there was no sewing in there at all!! Not good!!

  3. Hi Guys! We'll on my list to day, is head to work where the list is endless! Read and approve reports, review some new training and so on and so on. At home its gets dinner ready, play with the dogs, deadhead the roses, bake something to take to judge's chambers tomorrow afternoon where my DD is getting sworn in to the bar (big hurrah!) and maybe do a little embrodoery on a cute Halloween redwork, in black actually, maybe this year it will get least pulled it out and have it handy by the TV.

  4. my list today: work a teeny bit on a quilt, sew a tote bag, and then clear out all the sewing/quilt stuff that has been trying to over run my dining area. then, chase a few kiddos around, run to the grocery store, change a few diapers and relax while we watch a cartoon.
    i love an easy giveaway entry! :)

  5. hillyhaThanks for the comment Des. I'm pretty new to the blog world & have no idea how people can e-mail me with out it going out to the world! Whatever you did ,I'm glad you got hold of me!! What's on my to-do list today?? The typical laundry,cleaning,blogging,talk on phone,decide what to do with that leftover curtain fabric,maybe sew a little. What I wanted to do was go walking at the town park,library & farmers Market-the rain has that on delay.My other plan would be world peace,health & happiness for all I love & then celebrate with a breakfast of a dark chocolate filled croissant & a Starbucks Mocha Frap.!!Carpe Diem!!!

  6. Today we will be DRIVING across country with the 3 kids. Oh, Yeah. Can't you tell I'm excited...We hoping to make it to Tucumcari, NM. But we've already had diaper issues this morning if you know what I meean! :) I hope ya'll have a wonderful.

  7. Hallo!
    In Sweden it´s now afternoon and today I make my house clean.Tomorrow my daughter and grandchildren are coming to spend some summerweeks on the swedisch westcoust.
    Greetings from

  8. To do list: Work (got to have a way to pay for my fabric), Make Dinner, Dishes, Iron and Paint Bedroom. That should take up most of my day.

  9. Hmm, its almost 11:00 a.m. where I am. So far today I have done two loads of laundry, made the bed, fed the fish, showered and dressed, drove to work (which is what I'm supposed to be doing now)and met with a new tenant. This afternoon is more work. Then at 5:00 I will drive home, pick up the other car at the mechanics, go to the grocery store, make dinner, clean up the kitchen, and hopefully finish sewing a surprise gift for one of my favorite bloggers. Whew, I'm tired already! Fat quarters would make me feel sooo much better. dlord(at)pinehurstproperties(dot)com.

  10. Our day is just starting here in CA. Today we are having a family day, since the hubby is leaving tomorrow for 11 days. Our to do list involves playing in the pool and having dinner together. A very short list, but we're just going to see where the day takes us!
    Hope everyone has a great day!

  11. Today I am working from home, I just went back to work after a 4 month disability so I have hundreds of emails to read, yuck. I hope to put borders on a civil war repro wall hanging when I can take a little break. And sneak out from work stuff to rea my favorite blogs!

  12. Hi ladies! How I would LOVE one of those fat quarters :D The tough part would be choosing which one!!!! :0
    My to-do list for today;
    *take picture of the purse I made last yesterday.
    *package up the aprons I need to mail
    *cut out jammie shorts (sew them up?)
    *shower/dress :D
    *start cutting out 180 4.25 x 4.25 squares

    I might throw in a load of laundry. I might dust or run the vacuum. Maybe, maybe not.

    NO COOKING THIS WEEK!! WAHOOOO!! My hubby and 2 kiddos are eating at VBS each night where they spend 3 hours helping out. I opted out this year.

    cjnid at niwb dot net

  13. My comment says last yesterday. :)
    I was going to type last night, then changed it.
    Actually my daughter used to say lasterday when she was little - I should scrapbook that. ;)

  14. to do list today.....hmmmmm what not to do? Clean the bathroom, clean the children, clean up the backyard from all of the children's toys, clean up the husband and send him to work, clean out my big coffee cup with my yummy vanilla creamer, yum!

  15. Ooooh! Love "Posh!"

    I always have a long to-do list, but on top of the usual housework, I need to do some alterations on some costumes for my daughter's next play. I'm much more of a quilter than a clothing seamstress, so this is hard for me. I'd rather be quilting!

  16. On my to do list today is three bridesmaids dresses in white and pale blue very simple and very pretty all three bridesmaids are blond with blue eyes so should lovely when finished. After getting them ready for a fitting i shall be relaxing in the garden and taking the dog for a walk.
    Kind regards

  17. I don't think I will write down everything that I "need" to do today, but maybe leave a few comments on some of the things that I know I will get done today. I will be sewing a back for a quilt, weeding my front flower beds, cleaning my kitchen and dining room, going to a mandatory meeting at work. Whew! I am tired thinking about it. Maybe some new fat quarters would bring back my energy? It could happen. Luv you guys!

  18. Today I had a job interview and now I have to clean the kitchen, do several loads of laundry and prep story ideas to send to various magazines.

    I just got my order of charm packs and they are wonderful and your shipping is super fast. Thanks so much, and I hope to start on a quilt very soon!

  19. To Do List -- waxing appointment (ouch); drive 40 miles round trip to pick up a replacement senior portrait of my daughter (my husband broke the original and ruined the print -- grrrr); worry about by lawn and landscaping (long story). Sigh.....

  20. Today I'm going to work and then hurry home and make my latest dear jane block so I can say "up to date!!" which always feels so good. I spent the last 2 evenings doing 2 blocks each night and I have 1 to go. I like ALL those fabrics. They are all darling. I have something out of fresh squeezed and I love it, normally I would want the wee play (my colors) but I think since Posh is out of the norm for me I'd like that. I really think its darling and I've been considering what I might do with it if I got some anyway. Fabric is so fun.

  21. Hi Des & Corrie!
    First-time blogger here. I am on summer vacation (I am a teacher) and I don't know where to start. I'm making a charm quilt (Moda Silly Safari) for my 2-year-old grandson, and am just waiting for stuff I ordered from you guys to come! I also just got back from the Farmer's Market and got some yummy strawberries to make strawberry shortcake for my husband for supper. I love this time of my life! Three sons grown, married and gone, two grandsons thriving and happy, and my husband of 36 years by my side.
    Have a great day!
    Janet Pawelek


    My to do list....MY TO DO LIST! It never ends. But for today I have to clean up after 5 kids and help a friend with her blog makeover (I am so my own version of the Swan) Paint my tin ceiling tiles for my headboard and play with my kiddies. I'm sure I could keep going but I don't want to bore you.


  23. good evening, my day is almost half way over, have done a 6 hour shift at work, collected the kids from school and cooked their evening meal ready for swimming lessons later. If l have time l may cut out a basket block ( always wanted to make one )

  24. My to do list today, hum. I need to clean the bathroom and tidy up the place but what will actually happen is probably something more along the lines of baking cookies, sewing, and surfing the internet for more sewing ideas. Got to keep it real!

  25. Corrie - you neglected to post YOUR to do list :D Have you got something fun going on?

    I have showered and dressed and cut the jammie pants out (flannel backed satin). I think I will go sew them up real quick before my daughter gets home. Then they are OUTTA THE WAY!

  26. Oh how I love fat quarters. On my list know the usual: laundry, packing to move out of state, making enchiladas for dinner, and visiting a girl that just had a little baby so I can hold it. :)

  27. Hi
    First time here! I absolutley love the fabrics
    Today I am watching my baby granddaughter who is 7 months old and sick :(
    Each time she does go to sleep, I sneek in laundry, dishes, beds, and of course Sewing :)
    Ooooooops she is waking up
    Have a great day! :)

  28. let's see--what's on the list for today--
    Work, dinner, cleaning, maybe some sewing. It's what's on the list for tomorrow that's busy!

  29. Well it is afternoon already and I still need to fold the laundry. So, that might actually move on over to tomorrow's to do list too!


  30. Hi,
    Well, today has been crazy crazy crazy! Finished my night duty at 7am, rushed home, said goodbye to my hubby who has now gone off to Germany for 2/52. Said happy birthday to my youngest (12 today, bless) then waved the kids off to school, went to hospital for blood tests, then shopping (groceries), got home, checked emails, went to bed (eventually) at 2pm, woken by my kids at 4.15pm (what day is it???!!!), friends came round to celebrate my sons' birthday, now it's me time before bedtime. Night night from the UKxxx

  31. i thought i'd be back earlier to add my to-do list. instead of a couple of hours i spent the whole day helping a mom-o-groom pick out pattern for her dress. you know how it goes. the dog. some coffee. the store. lunch. more coffee. a little talk about the dress. a lot of talk not about the dress. now i'm home & all i want to do is finish some quilting i was working on last night. & that's what i'm going to do.

  32. My to-do list is nearly done, but I have yet to make supper, print out some thank you cards for my dh to fill out for all his birthday presents, make a card for a wonderful granddaddy in our church congregation, finish the laundry, coax my husband into bringing up a bunch of tubs of clothing storage from the basement to file away outgrown or grow-into clothing for our three little lambs, finally unpile my sewing table (the newest "catch-all" in our home and balance the checkbook. And in there somewhere, I hope to have time to catch a nice, long shower, nurse the baby, love on my little lambs and spend some down time with dh! These days are full of activity, but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

  33. I love the Wee Play!! So cute! Today I have to take my son to the doctor and sew up a little dress for my soon to be baby girl!

  34. left 'to do':
    make an apron! :)

  35. What's on the to-do list? Work till 3:00 and then make up some bindings for some quilts I've got coming in from the quilter tomorrow. And then finish knitting a sock for my daughter-in-law.

  36. On my to do list- write a personal statement for my application for medical residency!

    maumauisginger at gmail dot com

    Thank you for entering me in your giveaway!

  37. Oh goody!! I have been waiting for a fabric giveaway. My to-do list consists of those mundane tasks we all know so well – dishes (done), laundry (working on it) & dinner (no ideas yet). The only problem is that I seem to suffer from housework ADD – too many lovely things to distract. Right now I am admiring the items listed on your side bar as ‘Coming Soon’. Can’t Wait!

  38. What a yummy giveaway this week!

    My to-do list:
    1.Unpack the trailer from camping
    2.Catch up on everything I missed while I was gone.

  39. My to-do list for today -
    1. take my daughter out to my parent's place for morning tea 9cupcakes already made)
    2. Wrap up a package that should have been sent weeks ago (oops).
    3. Washing, ironing, vacuuming. How exciting.
    4. keep an eye on our poor old dog who has been at the vet for the past few days. :-(

    There. Not terribly thrilling, and I'd say #3 will be avoided for as long as possible!

  40. My to-do list was working at The Material Girls in South Jordan Utah-we were in Quilt Sampler's Top 10 shops this May! It is Shop hop here this weekend. Tomorrow my girls and I get to play! The shops are doing a Fairy Tale theme- perfect for my little princesses. I also had to drop off some patterns at Quilt Etc. another shop here thi morning. Now my To-do list is rest--woo hoo!

  41. Today I worked my shift at my gym, biked my son to his morning activity, did dishes, baked brownies and banana lime coconut bread, played a little on the computer and did some quilting. As well as cooking meals. I'm sure I've forgotten something. LOL Now I just need to go to bed!


  42. well today i'm hoping to find a nice quilt pattern for a babys quilt my nephew whom i love like a son is about to become a father and we know the sex of the baby and its a as you can imagine we are all so excited and i would love to find a special quilt project to make and give to her, well thats my plan for the day