Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Dear Corrie, "Please send Layer Cakes and Charm Squares"

I stood amongst bolts of fabric spread sporadically all over the floor.

I arranged and rearranged.

I hummed and hawed. ?

I squinted up close. I took a bird's eye view.

I dreamt of pink fields of flowers.

I envisioned hip-ness around every corner.

I searched, pondered and prayed.


I had 3 minutes at Corrie's.
3 minutes to decide my fate with Pop Garden/Bijoux and Farmer's Market.
I might as well have been going for my eighth gold medal. The pressure was absurd.
I felt like Jack Nicholson was going to scream any minute, "You can't handle the pressure!" "You're right, Jack", I squeak. I can't.
I left empty handed with nothing in my suitcase. A vacant, void feeling.
Throughout the rest of my visit, I kept looking around like I was missing something.
I can hear Corrie now, "For heaven's sake, you're supposed to be writing about layer cakes and charm squares! What is this??"
Well, I'm not exactly sure what this is, but I was going to eventually get to the point that since I couldn't handle the stress of deciding what to do with all the tempting fabrics, I would need to pacify myself with the tasty tidbits of Layer Cakes and Charm Squares.
See? I got there eventually. Please send soon.

10" squares of Pop Garden, in 2 different colorways.

5" squares of Pop Garden in 2 colorways.

and for the 'piece' de resistance'
Farmer's Market - 56 ~ 5" squares

If you're interested in layer cakes , contact Corrie.

With warmest, kindest regards,
Your sister,


  1. I am quite the opposite when choosing fabric. I stand there and look, scan the area, turn around once or twice, and pull out fabirc immediately. I'm very pleased and satisfied with myself until I realize the fun is over all too soon!

  2. It is hard to decide when all the choices are good. How can you choose between good, good and good? I love them all. What a good idea to get them in charms and layers.

  3. Oh the horrible pressure!! You live such a rough life. ;) Pretty hard to go wrong with lovelies such as those!

  4. Oh, I am the same way. I want some if it so bad, but I just can decide. I've been waiting for you to put up a lovely quilt for me to copy! :)

  5. How much fun though to have all that fabric at your fingertips. You couldn't decide?? Take some of each...DUH! The layers cakes and charm squares are perfect. I am eyeing the charm squares.

  6. Actually I said, "Oh brother :-)". It was painful watching you try to make a decision. I want to make a queen sized quilt - any thoughts?

  7. ok I love farmers market. I want some and I want to see what you will make with yours....
    I'll be watching for the update...

  8. from reading your blog i learned that it take 324 charms to make a queen. so take 162 from from the Garden and 162 from the Market. & mix them up. hehe.

  9. All the pressure reminds me of my husband sitting in the car on vacation while I run into a quilt shop and he says "you only have 5 min" who can spend 5 min in a quilt shop, please...its never 5 min in Cabelas or Sportsman Warehouse. I'll remind him of that next time...Next time tell Cory I'll take one of everything love ya