Friday, August 1, 2008

Francisco and Geraldine

I know. I KNOW. I can hardly stand how stinkin' cute these are! They're my latest Alphabet Friends. I'm up to G!!!! Only 19 more friends to go!!! Francisco is the monkey and we just like to say "Francisco" around here. Geraldine is the bear and she is named after my cousin Geri. Oh dear. I just realized that Geri spells her name with a J, Jeri. oops. Oh well. So much for a dedication.
Geri the bear has already spent hours learning how to do a cursive G, so I don't want to cause her any undue stress.
Imagine this held by little hands. It's a RATTLE. It has a little jingle inside and everything!! Let me just say that if you can crochet at all, these are the dang easiest things to make. It is all single crochet in the round. Super, duper easy. But I have to warn you. You'll be hooked and then you'll be making more (okay a blue monkey? it was my practice one)
and more and more
crocheted toys.

Monkey/Bear Rattle Pattern here.

Blue Monkey and Goldfish Patterns here.


  1. Oh my, those are SO cute! I wish I knew how to crochet better than just a chain. I am in love with those rattles! Great job Des! All of your little pals are darling.

  2. Very cute! Love the names too. I can't crochet and with the pile of fabric staring at me from my room and my wish list I don't think I'd better attempt to learn either. Your shot of the 'mess' just beyond the scene and your laugh - CRACKED ME UP!
    Ya I am in the top 4 posters. Today, when it doesn't matter. *shaking my head*

  3. Love the crooked smile. Cute! Get many more pals to make?

  4. Hey Aunt Desi, Marsha needs to clean up!!! Why are you talking so softly? Is Greg sleeping?

  5. uh...corrie if you ever actually read a would see that I mentioned 19 more! Yes, Ron, Greg was sleeping.

  6. I love your crocheted rattle friends please tell us where you get your rattles or noise makers. I have made the orange fish and it sits proudly in my daughters room maybe I will get busy and make more thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Hey Des I am anonymous don't know what happened there maybe I was sleeping like Greg love ya shelto

  8. I just buy big jingle bells at wal-mart. For my other animals where I put a squeaker in them, you can buy them at pet stores. I know, who knew? ME. I bought mine online but then I saw them at Petco. I'm only here to serve........