Friday, October 24, 2008

Blog SALE - Eat Up!

Just for you.....we're really missing ya..... Des is always suggesting (or should I say bugging me) that we do sales for you guys, so....

Friday & Saturday

+ shipping. I can fit up to 3 in a flat rate mailer for $5.40. (I have to gently unroll one of the jelly rolls. And bend the layer cakes, but they are so okay with that.) After 3 it would be the flat rate box for $9.80.
Email me...which one(s) you'd like. First come first served. Do not purchase them out of the store, email me. I'll try to unlist them as they get bought.
The price of both just went up, so I doubt I'll have them this low again.
Hope you're having a great weekend. Wish you were here :-) ~Corrie

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