Monday, April 6, 2009

Paypal My Nemesis

I've had some extra cash just sitting in my paypal account. Very dangerous. It never made it to my actual pocket. I went a little crazy, (crazy in my world, not your world) and did a wee bit of shopping. I know you really don't care about my shopping habits. My husband does. But I don't want to tell him of my random, needless spending so, TAG, you're it!

Reading Poster: Because I love absolutely everything she does. She could be a whole post!
Yo-Yo's: that jen....she's a smarty. I really need more UFO's in my life.
Birdy Plate: I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw this! She has owls, rabbits and squirrels too. Oh MY!
Vintage Cards: Just a weak moment kind of purchase. They're darling, though.
Crocheted Hat Pattern: You know I need more hats. Already made it in THE school colors. :)
Bandanas: Had a friend going to Mexico and she brought icky fabric for me to make her some bandanas. I thought these were better. :)
Owls: I love this gals' patterns and I thought I could make owls for kids.
Okay, I'm done now. I just went and transferred all the rest of the money OUTTA there!!
Please tell me what you've bought lately!


  1. i love all your buys!! the owls are too cute. i have a bunch of her patterns but need to get some of her newer ones. :)

    when i have money in my paypal, it doesn't last too long! i'm really bad. now my hubby races to it so he can spend it on sprucing up his quad. but, i get to it more often!! hee!! hee!! that is my main reason in having my etsy shop, to built up my stash, and buy all those cute things, i just can't go without. and i would have to go on for awhile of the things i've gotten lately. :) that might need to be a future post for me.

  2. Ohhhh, you've been shopping for CUTE stuff! All I have bought this month is 1 yard of lining fabric for purses and 4 silk ties from the thrift store for a project. I am realllllly trying to be extra good with the spending this month.

  3. I meant the NOT spending. ;)

  4. It looks like you made some great purchases there dear. I bought some potty prizes... for Logan, not me. :)But right now I need to buy some tissues. I am nasty sick. Cute stuff!

  5. Corrie & Des, I got the snippits charm pack today (wow that was very fast!) I just wanted to say thank you! I love it! Last thing I bought was a blouse. my last one got sent through the dryer when it wasn't supposed to. it was my favorite, so I bought it again!

  6. Yep, money in the paypal account burns a hole in my pocket, too. At least your burned holes appear relatively small. Look here and see what I snatched up today!
    I got "benny and the spring sewing spool". Yikes. She sells out in literally minutes. See--if I had to work for a living like most folks I wouldn't have the TIME to stalk such sales! (believe me; I'm really not complaining. :-))

  7. I am an ebay junkie for fabric and my last purchase were some Amy Butler fabrics..they are awesome thanks.

  8. I need to go on a shopping spree...Thanks for reminding me! :)

    Those are terrific finds! Gotta love those bandannas.

    BTW, your banner is awesome!

  9. I have had the yo-yo's and the print in my etsy favs for a while!!! Did you see the mini cakestands from the seller that did your mini dish? TOO CUTE!! Love your blog!

  10. My hubby is the same way so I find myself stashing all my fabric and scrapbook stuff away! My recent buy was a seamless paper background. I need more now in like every color.

  11. I bought the coolest earrings from an etsy shop called shixie. They are made out of old metal tins and they are cut into the shape of a vintage dress. I absolutely love them. I could go crazy on etsy and have never been disapointed with anything I have purchased there.

  12. How does one get this extra money in one's paypal account? Hee hee. I love your buys. Put your husband on the phone, I'll explain.

  13. Fun stuff - LOVE the owls and the yo-yo kit is such a great idea! I've been blowing through the green buying birthday & Easter stuff for my kids. I'll tell you what,those little people of mine are mini-money pits!

    And I totally ditto your sentiments on the post office! Your package is also ready, I just need to find the gumption and time to face my postal nemesis. I'm thinking tomorrow. :)