Monday, June 8, 2009


I think I've watched this video 12 times.

Just something about the clay and wheel....
....and then the dots and paint.....
....and all the white....
....the quiet......the music....
I just don't think you get the same feeling from rotary cutting all day.

To see more "Process Videos" go here.
Be careful.
I was glued for an hour!
I'm only here to serve......


  1. i used to make clay things... and throw on the wheel... oh the fun it was... but that was years ago!

  2. I watched in ONCE. I have too many things to do today. I does look like fun and Kim does such pretty pieces. Look at all that equipment! I'll keep the fabric and rotary cutters though.

  3. So cool! For the longest time I've associated pottery wheels with Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore...I know - YIKES! Now the image in my demented head has greatly improved. Seriously though...pretty, pretty stuff.

  4. Boy could I spend some money in her shop thanks for serving

  5. Someday before I die, I am going to find a class to teach me how to do this. I have been extremely facinated with this process for it seems like all of my life. Thanks for sending the video. It was wonderful to watch. Thx again.