Friday, July 10, 2009


I'm still here.
Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to photograph my every move.
In fact, my moves these days seem quite familiar.

Still crocheting my alphabet animals.

I'm on J and K.

I shall name them this very minute.

They're boys.

Jack after my grandpa and Kirby after Corrie's vacuum.

Still cooking.

Corrie and I have a family reunion this weekend.

V, we'll miss you!

I'm going to be Patty Prepared.

I've got Philly Cheesesteaks ready to go. Homemade granola

and it wouldn't be party without the ever popular Puppy Chow.

Calico Beans are already freezing and the salmon is just waiting to be grilled.

Still sewing on this quilt for a wedding gift.

Still searching for vintage sheets.

These are some mighty fine ones, I might add.

Okay the one on the right isn't vintage-y but I love it.

Will be great for backing.

Still loving my girls. Corrie let me steal Lizzie away even in the midst of her 4H extravaganza.

They are currently in charge of the Talent show portion at the reunion and can't figure out why I don't want to see Casey Kasem's top 40, ALL top 40, performed in one evening.

They are still bugging me about MY talent.

I told them I could crochet monkey ears.


  1. And what monkey ears they are!! Did you ever put a link to where you got the pattern for the monkeys? (I thought maybe it was Herbst or AMy Gaines on Etsy but I checked their shops and don't see it there and I checked over your Alphabet Friends post and didn't see it there either. Is it top secret?? lol) They are so cute!

  2. Sheesh. I must be terribly tired, I found it, so sorry!

  3. Very cute. Have a great weekend!

  4. I found some great vintage sheets yesterday at the thrift store. They were all 50% off!! Wooo-hooo!

  5. cute crochet dolls. They look very unique and delightful.

  6. I so wish I could be there. Today I will listen to the Mamma Mia soundtrack as I pack my boxes in your honor! I think you should do an interpretive dance to one of the Twilight songs a la So You Think You Can Dance, for the talent show portion of the evening. And somebody PLEASE take video!!! :)

  7. Marcia is looking more and more like her Mamma! Enjoy the reunion, Miss Patty Prepared :)

  8. So cute....have a wonderful reunion!

  9. Those cutie monkeys are making my fingers itch to do something. How fun! And I love the blue chair on your porch. Always so darling Des!!!

  10. I STILL like hearing from you and I STILL like seeing your pictures. You are STILL busy and productive and creative. So what talent WILL you be sharing at the reunion?? You could do your Mama Mia workout or lipsync to that soundtrack. :D

  11. That granola looks yuummmmyyyy! :D

  12. Cheesesteaks, yum. Is there room at the table for one more?

  13. I'm sorry I missed your giveaway yesterday. I LOVE that quilt - it is beautiful. I am hoping to do my first quilt project sometime this year (:
    izazbz at yahoo dot com

  14. You did find some mighty fine vintage sheets...I am feeling like such a slacker for not doing that quilt yet! Darn those priorities. You have been kind of quiet, so I'm glad all is well! I completely understand not being in the mood. The food looks (& sounds)awesome...I think my kids would like the puppy chow.

  15. Okay girl, I've heard you sing and you are pretty darn good at it. No hiding your talent under a bushel. Speaking of vintage sheets, we need to get together and exchange fat quarters. Think of it, more material that we can ooo and ahhh and pet. I'm in heaven! luv ya

  16. I love the monkeys---Could you, would you please tell me what is in your bag for philly cheesesteaks---it looked delicious and it wasn't on a bun yet????

    Robin in AZ

  17. Hey Robin in AZ,

    The philly cheesesteaks are:
    Steaks grilled with lawry seasoning and then cut into strips.
    Then I saute onion, red,yellow,orange and green peppers in olive oil. Kosher salt and pepper. I like my peppers crisp so I don't overcook them. At this point I added the meat and veggies together and then froze them at that stage. I took fresh hoagie rolls from winco and provolone cheese. Thaw the meat/veggies, heat up. I brush the roll with olive oil and then top with the meat/veggie mixture and then put a slice (or 2, i like cheesy) of provolone on top and then broil on high until the cheese is melted. It is super yummy and a quick make ahead.

    Thanks for asking!

  18. How in the world did an Idaho gal get to make Philly Cheesesteaks? Cool.

  19. Love your monkeys...your girls...and...your food...can I come??