Saturday, August 14, 2010

High on a Mountaintop

Ever wonder what there is to do out in the middle
of nowhere Idaho?
These are my girlfriends, we all have birthdays
around the same time, so we usually celebrate.
That's me, Stacey & Lynnelle.
They totally surprised me by showing up at my house & saying, "Let's Go!" Now the last time we did this we surprised Stacey by flying to Disneyland. I did have a moment of panic, thinking I am coming home tonight, right?
We went to Starlight Mountain Theatre & saw the Wizard of Oz.
It's outdoor theatre in the pine trees. Charming & fun!
Then to add a little more spice to our lives.
We went ziplining yesterday with our husbands for Stacey's birthday.
Perfect weather. Very fun!

As if life couldn't get any more exciting.
I'm heading to Des' tomorrow.
Don't know if I'll get time to sew or just chase Harry around.
Have a great week!
My husband will get out any orders that he can,
but most will be shipped on Monday, the 23rd.


  1. There is something to be said about spontaneity...YOU are spontaneous to the joy that is around you. So enjoy it sweet cake and keep smiling, laughing and loving every one of those moments. They will no doubt bring many heartfelt memories for years to come...psst it really is all about THAT...
    blessings ms

  2. Ziplining...something I haven't done since our move from fun to have a day spent doing that!!

  3. How fun....I would love to try ziplining.

  4. Corrie,
    I sure do LOVE the times I have with you...incredible memories!!!
    You are a treasure.
    Enjoy your time with Des and tell her hello for me :)

  5. Sounds like you had a blast! How fun to have friends that you can be spontaneous with!

  6. Wow, you had a wonderful day, I'd love to try ziplining!