Monday, September 9, 2013


Tis the season!

I hope all your tomatoes are 
ripe and delicious. 

If they're not, I've even made 
this soup in the middle of May. 
See here!

These batches of tomato soup
and going right into my freezer
to get me through the winter!

I use this recipe


  1. So do you leave them in chunks and puree when you thaw it for use?

    1. Gene, I puree before I freeze. I use an immersion blender, much easier, but I've done it with a blender, too.

  2. I made tomato basil soup, and can it in jars. I wonder if you could do this and include basil to make it tomato basil soup.

  3. Oh, yum! Do you freeze it in freezer bags, jars, or plastic containers?

  4. I love that soup. I could drink it (& sometimes do). We're making your marinara sauce as we speak.

  5. Yum -- that looks delicious. Fresh tomato soup in the winter -- perfect! My silly tomatoes just don't seem to want to ripen this year -- they've been hanging green on the vine for a month or more. Very frustrating. We're supposed to hit 97 today (what???) so maybe that will push them over the edge!