Monday, May 5, 2014

Snails Pace

I'm on a baby roll. 
Finishing up some baby goodies. 

I love this little snail guy.  
He was a lickity quick finish. 

Okay,'s been sitting in a pile 
for a minute or two years
BUT once I sat down for a minute 
it was done in two! 
Are you still with me? 


This pattern is from one of my 
favorite books from the library!!
In fact, I just right now, finally pulled 
the trigger and BOUGHT the dang 
book off of Amazon. 

Now I can buy more material 
because I will save so much 
money in library fines!

And a Monkey Rattle too.
Snails and monkeys....they go together. 
All god's creatures. 


  1. I love that snail quilt! My library has a few quilting books, but not that one. I just found a cheap copy on ebay though!

  2. That is sew cute! What is the name of the book!

    1. Dare to be Square by Boo Davis

  3. That quilt is so cute! I like the bright colors and they way it steps away from the traditional block turning it into a snail! Adorable! Those monkey rattles are pretty adorable too. I may have to make some.

  4. Love it Des! Very cute and do-able! and the monkey twins are cute too! :) Tamto

  5. Great finish and I love the rattles too.

  6. Oh the snail quilt - finally finished and absolutely adorable! And the rattles - super, duper cute!