Monday, May 5, 2014

Snails Pace

I'm on a baby roll. 
Finishing up some baby goodies. 

I love this little snail guy.  
He was a lickity quick finish. 

Okay,'s been sitting in a pile 
for a minute or two years
BUT once I sat down for a minute 
it was done in two! 
Are you still with me? 


This pattern is from one of my 
favorite books from the library!!
In fact, I just right now, finally pulled 
the trigger and BOUGHT the dang 
book off of Amazon. 

Now I can buy more material 
because I will save so much 
money in library fines!

And a Monkey Rattle too.
Snails and monkeys....they go together. 
All god's creatures. 


  1. I love that snail quilt! My library has a few quilting books, but not that one. I just found a cheap copy on ebay though!

  2. That is sew cute! What is the name of the book!

  3. That quilt is so cute! I like the bright colors and they way it steps away from the traditional block turning it into a snail! Adorable! Those monkey rattles are pretty adorable too. I may have to make some.

  4. Love it Des! Very cute and do-able! and the monkey twins are cute too! :) Tamto

  5. Great finish and I love the rattles too.

  6. Oh the snail quilt - finally finished and absolutely adorable! And the rattles - super, duper cute!