Monday, October 3, 2016

County Fair Results

Oh, we love the county fair!

When I saw Hunter's Design Studio's 
BB-8 quilt pattern
I knew it was a summer project for my son.
Because he gets bored and needs things to do.

Straight lines.  
He can sew straight lines.
And there's a whole lot of background.
Not too much piecing!

He's ten. He did great.  
I am always totally impatient.
I need to find joy in watching people sew slowly.
I'm going to ponder about that.

(Here's last year's experience
That fabulous blue solid is Kona Windsor.)

It turned out so good.
Ingrid of Baywater Quilts knocked it out of the park.
She designed the quilting and surprised us.

And he's so happy with it.
Yeah, we may do again.

Here it is at the fair. 

He won -- 
Best of Division
People's Choice
And a blue ribbon.

We did 4-H for so many years, and
it was always such a positive experience.

So as long as we're trekking to the fair, 
I'm taking one.

I cut triangles out with my Accuquilt.
and did a lot of sewing.

Hard to get a good picture, 
but it's vibrant and so pretty.
And Ingrid's quilting is stunning.

Here is it's fair debut.  
It got to be on a bed!

That's big stuff, people.

I got a blue ribbon
and Award of Merit. :)

I guess it was all worth it, 
especially when we do well.
(okay, that made me laugh)


  1. Congratulations to you both! I get very excited when I see children creating anything.....especially quilts!

  2. i thought the bb8 quilt was the best idea ever for your little guy!!! They all turned out awesome!

  3. I am just finishing up on my Star Wars quilt. Your son did a fabulous job with BB8. Love the quilting too. Your star quilt is great too.

  4. Wow congratulations both of you on the ribbons. I love both quilts. The BB8 quilt is awesome and I love the colors and design of your quilt.

  5. I am loving your star quilt for me and your robot is precious!

  6. Congratulations to both of you! That is wonderful that your son loves to quilt and he did such a beautiful job on it.


  7. Way to go to you both! And way to go on having the patience and fortitude to make a quilt with a 10 year old! Hoping I can be more like you then next time Kennedy asks to sew! :/

  8. Wow, great job on the ribbons you two! The quilting is great, Ingrid does a lovely job.


  9. well first congrats, it is a wonderful boy grands would love something like that...and it is most certainly worth it when others applaud your pretty amazing talent....way to go...

  10. WooHoo!!! Congratulations! Love that super cute picture of you and your son -- he looks like he had a great time with his quilt. And I REALLY LOVE your quilt -- gorgeous!!!