Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Quilt Triplets

I decided my two girlfriends
needed a camping quilt like mine!
So we could be triplets.
Mine is here.
It took me a year, but they are done.
Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!
Lynnelle, Stacey and I
Lynnelle is a mom to 8 and
 is a "mom" to so many others too.
She drives a 15 passenger van.
I had to stalk her van, take a picture of it
and recreate it.
One down one to go.
Stacey, (a mom of 7) zips around town
in a VW convertible bug.
Again there were no patterns for her car either.
I looked.
I'd probably tweak the car 
if I ever did it again,
but I'm not doing it again. :)
Added a little pom pom curtain,
and they have yummy
Riley Blake flannel on the backs.

The quilt pattern is
 Vintage Camping by Lori Holt.
Very fun to make and give.
Happy Camping or
TV watching!




  1. Those are adorable! And you're such a sweetheart -- I'm sure your friends loved them!!!

  2. What a fun quilt, I am sure you three get in quite the mischief.

  3. So super cute! Love how you made each one unique for your friends. Thank you for the truck pattern!

    1. Thanks! You're welcome. It's fun quilt to make.

  4. Corrie ... YOU are truly the Best!!! I absolutely LOVE it and snuggle with it every single chance I can sneak in! BUT, I think it is way too cute to go camping . . . just sayin'! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!! :)

  5. Those are really fun and love how you customized them for each friend. What a wonderful gift for them.


    1. Thanks, it was fun to plan and execute.
      Have a good afternoon!

  6. Very, very cute! What lucky friends.

  7. Replies
    1. Hello Miss Sandy! Thanks! And miss you too!!

  8. Those are so adorable! You're such a great friend to do all of that work.

  9. Thanks Shirley! They are great friends.

  10. Absolutely adorable......what good friends!

  11. Your friends are so lucky to have such a creative friend...cute quilts!