Friday, September 26, 2008

Hidden Treasure

After finding my
lost sheep, I wondered what else I had neglected in that corner of the world. LOOK at this dusty bag of gorgeous fabrics and half finished blocks!
It was once going to be the quilt of my dreams. Warmth on my bed. Hospitality in cotton. (huh???)
 Serendipity in a Sampler as Kim refers to it.
I pulled it out. My work in progress.
Looked over the directions. It's applique.
I love applique, I just forgot that I loved applique.
There were old 'tools' to reaquint myself to. Gather up the freezer paper and mini clover iron. 
It's WORK.

But I've already got these 3 blocks done.

My canvas awaits for the 4th block.
Lots of fabric that has been hibernating. I totally forgot about it.

But the best part was finding that 
I had ALREADY prepared all the
parts and pieces for block 4!!!!
SUCH a pleasant surprise. 

Here's what it will look like someday. 

Someday SOON.
Stay on me. 
Don't let me get caught up in something else.

I'm counting on you.


  1. oh..I love this one...and WOW... you must get that quilt ready...It´s going to be fantastic...and I can see your happy smile finding all those prepared little pieces and appliqued blocks... A Happy surprise... will follow your progress...
    Still waiting for my prize from you..apperently took it´s time... :o)

  2. isn't it amazing how these projects have a habit of getting lost! I know where a lot of my UFO's are, I just haven't taken them out of their bags lately! Have fun. Nice project!

  3. Why is it we have the same problem? I'm really a finisher but my problem is starting so many projects together than I have a hard time deciding where to spend my time. It is precious. So I want to start a new quilt but your post is telling me no. So I'll listen.

  4. What a wonderful rediscovery. I'm pretty sure I have lots of those in my bins! Can't wait to see the finished project :)

  5. it didn't like being lost. no fresh air in that bag. now that it's found. & you know about it. you are obligated to find time to finish it. it tricked you.

  6. make it sound like a subplot of Lord of the Rings!!! :)

  7. Its good to clean out, sometimes you find such great treasures, as you did..Maybe one of my kids cold get lost for a couple of months than I will find them and say" wow look" what a treasure..just kidding can't wait to see your finished product!

  8. Wow, what a great find. That is going to be a great quilt!!

  9. I'm looking at it, and it looks like 4 blocks + some applique over their intersection, right? So you're pretty far.

    I'm the worlds least motivated applique-er. I just like piecing so much more. I have a gorgeous project that I really need to finish.

    I'll cheer you on. Those fabrics are fabulous!

  10. I love this pattern! I'm new to quilting so straight lines and bigger blocks are key... Thanks!